How do I submit a snack to be featured in Healthy Surprise?


Thank you for your interest in Healthy Surprise!

We are very strict about what kind of snacks and ingredients we allow in our boxes.

You can find more information about what is in (and not in) our snacks on our homepage.

 If your product(s) fit ALL of those dietary requirements, please send samples to:

Healthy Surprise
Attn: Sam Lerner
2140 E 7th Pl D101
Los Angeles, CA 90021

Also, please send notice that samples are on the way to our COO Sam Lerner at

Please note, any products filled with loads of Added sugar, even if organic will not be accepted. We enjoy products with a small list of organic, natural ingredients.

Some Examples of some of our past and/or current snack ingredients:

Ingredients: Organic seedless raisins, Organic sunflower oil

Ingredients: Organic seaweed, organic extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, organic ground chipotle

Our snacks must also have a high shelf life as we ship all over the world.


Thanks for your time in reading this article before sending us your snacks.

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