How to redeem a Groupon


It's easy to redeem your Groupon at Healthy Surprise, your Groupon is valid towards any gift or subscription!

Head over to our homepage and pick the product you'd like, then choose the appropriate article:

How to redeem a Groupon for a Subscription

How to redeem a Groupon for a Gift

Some things to know:

- We require an active credit card for all orders, even if you choose a box which costs less than the promotional value of your Groupon. This is a requirement due to fraud prevention and cannot be changed.

- If you choose a subscription which costs less than the promotional value of your Groupon, the difference will carry forward towards your next box. When you renew, you will be charged the total amount less the remainder of your Groupon. For example, if the promotional value is $60, and you choose a Starter Box ($33 + $7 US Shipping), you will be charged $0 the first box, and will have $20 left over. The next box you will be charged $20 (($33 + $7) - $20 (Groupon Balance)).

- If you choose a subscription which costs more than the promotional value of your Groupon, you will be charged that amount at checkout. For example, if you choose a Combo Box ($95 + free shipping) and your Groupon is for $60, you will be charged $35 at checkout.

- If you choose a gift which costs less than the promotional value of your Groupon, our system will not carry the balance towards your next purchase. For example, if your Groupon is for $60, and you select a $50 gift, the Groupon will completely cover the cost and you won't have to pay anything. At this point you still have $10 available to you. Unfortunately our system only carries the balance forward automatically for subscriptions, not gifts. So go ahead and place your second order (this will charge your credit card) and then create a support ticket by clicking the orange button above, "Submit a Request", or send us an email: "". Let us know you would like a refund and we'll credit $10 back to your card. Or, sign up for your first box, create a ticket and we'll email you a code you can use for your second purchase.

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    patricia schumann

    this is rhe most complicated website I have used for Groupon!!!! I just want to send 1 box one time to my daughter.

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    Jason Rodriguez

    I agree the web site is no good.

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    Marco Robles

    I have to cancel my order it's too difficult to use.