How to redeem a Groupon for a Gift

Sending a gift? Awesome! Use our gift customizer to select the gift you'd like to send. Clicking 'Send Gift' will prompt you to create an account by entering your name and email. Then you will be taken to our checkout page where you'll enter standard shipping and billing information.

At the bottom right you'll see the 'Review' section which shows the total for your purchase. Right below that, click the text "Do you have a gift certificate or gift code? Add it here".

In the box that appears, enter your code and click Apply. You will see your total reduced.

Now click 'Send Gift' and you will be all set!

Some things to know:

- We require an active credit card for all orders, even if you choose a box which costs less than the promotional value of your Groupon. This is a requirement due to fraud prevention and cannot be changed.

- If you choose a gift which costs less than the promotional value of your Groupon, our system will not carry the balance towards your next purchase. For example, if your Groupon is for $60, and you select a $50 gift, the Groupon will completely cover the cost and you won't have to pay anything. At this point you still have $10 available to you. Unfortunately our system only carries the balance forward automatically for subscriptions, not gifts. So go ahead and place your second order (this will charge your credit card) and then create a support ticket by clicking the orange button above, "Submit a Request", or send us an email: "". Let us know and we will provide you a code for $15 - an extra $5 for the trouble :D
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