Welcome Snackbox Clients to Healthy Surprise!


Welcome to Healthy Surprise! You're going to love our boxes and our great service!

Here are some of the upgrades you can expect:

  • Pick your shipment date (any business day of the month)
  • Customize your delivery (monthly, every other month, etc)
  • Choosing between 3 different box sizes
  • Innovative and different products, like our Chocolate Box!
  • High quality - ALL snacks in Healthy Surprise boxes are gluten-free, corn-free, soy-free, and vegan!

You'll also get our top notch support - we are only a phone call or email away:

  • Call: 855-850-0070
  • Email: support@healthysurprise.com

Have your free shipping code?

Here is an article on how to enter a code if you're having any trouble.

 Thanks again, and welcome to Healthy Surprise!


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    Vivia Boe

    I require a refund. I have had a terrible experience with your owner, and my skin is still crawling. He assures me somebody else will help me after he cracks the whip on Monday TODAY, because he doesn't do support. You vaunted software is like voice mail from 15 years ago: a maze of unnecessary steps that lad to frustration. It is so bad that I suspect it is actual con artist software, meant to obscure and confuse your victims. Im quite sure no one will read this. Prove me wrong.